Parents. You are the most important person in your student's life. I try very hard to empower you as a participant in your child's education.

1. Please make every effort to frequently check your student's progress on-line, click "Check Grades" at the left. (I spend a lot of extra time maintaining this website and your student's up to date grades online. Please first check their progress on-line. Then after you have done so feel free to e-mail or call me with any specific questions or concerns.)

2. Make sure your student's flash cards are up to date and review them often. All of my math classes have to make flashcards for the important concepts (you can find the current list by clicking "Assignments" or "Assignment Help" at the left). They provide a great way for parents (even those who have not had math in quite some time) to help out. We will also use them for various games throughout the year.

3. Contact me with any questions or concerns. Good communication between student, parent, teacher, and school administration is paramount for each student to reach his or her fullest potential.

The rest of this section is ongoing. I plan to provide links to various resources that will help you ensure that your child obtains the best education possible.

Parent Resources